Thursday, October 2, 2008

Push and Pull

I cannot handle the constant motion.

I always want to do what I know isn't right. And its not like I really regret things. In fact, I tend to just brush them under the rug, and never pull it up again.
I can never make sense of my thoughts. They rush around too fast. Its like I'm standing in a big room trying to grab hold of humming birds.
I'm pretty sure that is the only way I could possibly describe it for myself

I put a ton of weight on my own shoulders. Its slightly psychotic I guess.
Its like I want to be alone. And its ridiculous. Because I don't want to be alone.
But at the same time, I like the peace and calm of independence.

My eyes are blurry, its late, and my muscles ache.
So Goodnight.
Sweet Dreams World.

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